Data Warranty

1. Access and Security:
Upon placing an order, grants customers root access to their dedicated servers promptly. Security is a paramount concern for us. We recommend and prompt customers to change their initial passwords and set up additional security measures, such as SSH keys, to safeguard their systems.

2. Customer Responsibility:
Customers acknowledge and agree that they are fully responsible for the data stored on their dedicated servers. This includes taking appropriate measures for data backups, security configurations, and ensuring compliance with any applicable laws and regulations governing their data.

3. Data Loss Risk:
While takes every reasonable precaution to maintain the integrity and security of customer data, it is essential to recognize that unforeseen events, such as hardware failures, can pose a risk to data. Hard drives, albeit rare, can fail. Therefore, it is imperative for customers to implement their backup strategies for critical data.

4. Data Recovery Assistance:
In the event of data loss due to hardware failure or other unforeseen circumstances, will make every effort to assist customers in data recovery. However, it is crucial to note that data recovery is a complex process, and success cannot be guaranteed. Customers are encouraged to regularly back up their essential data to minimize potential losses.

5. Customer Support Collaboration:'s support team is available to collaborate with customers in the event of data-related issues. While we will make reasonable efforts to aid in data recovery, customers must understand that the final responsibility for data integrity rests with them.

6. Offshore Services:
For customers opting for "offshore" services, which may have less stringent content compliance requirements, it is essential to exercise prudence in data management. Customers should be aware that compliance standards may differ, and they are encouraged to clarify any uncertainties with our support team before opting for such services.

7. Legal Compliance:
Customers must ensure that the content and data hosted on their dedicated servers comply with all applicable laws. reserves the right to suspend or terminate services if there is any suspicion or evidence of unlawful use or non-compliance.

8. Continuous Improvement: is committed to continuously improving its services. We may update security measures and provide recommendations to customers for enhancing the security of their dedicated servers. Regularly reviewing and implementing these recommendations is encouraged.

9. Customer Education: will provide educational resources to help customers understand and implement best practices for data security and management. This includes guidelines on data backup strategies, security configurations, and maintaining compliance with legal requirements.

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