Terms of Use

1. Services Offered:

1.1 Dedicated Servers:
Dedicated.ee provides state-of-the-art Unmanaged Dedicated Servers with a diverse selection of Linux operating systems, allowing customers to tailor their server environment according to their specific needs. These servers are designed to offer high performance, stability, and flexibility.

1.2 Managed Dedicated Servers:
In addition to unmanaged services, Dedicated.ee extends the option for Managed Dedicated Servers. With this service, our expert staff is available to provide support at an hourly rate of $35. This support covers server management, troubleshooting, and assistance with various technical aspects to ensure optimal server performance.

1.3 Additional Services:
Beyond dedicated server offerings, Dedicated.ee provides a range of supplementary services, including Cloud VPS (Virtual Private Servers) and Storage Boxes designed for backup purposes. These services are crafted to complement and enhance the overall hosting experience for our clients.

1.4 Order Process:
Upon placing an order for any of our services, Dedicated.ee commits to promptly build and provide root access to the dedicated server within a maximum timeframe of 2 hours. This swift provisioning ensures that customers can swiftly embark on deploying and managing their chosen server environment.

1.5 Spam Policy:
Dedicated.ee strictly prohibits the use of its services for spam-related activities. Customers leveraging our servers for email services must take responsibility for configuring their email servers to prevent spam flagging. In cases where spam reports are received, Dedicated.ee will notify the customer and, if necessary action is not taken within 3 business days, reserves the right to shut down the server. A grace period of an additional 4 days will be provided if the customer requests data retrieval or resolves the issues causing the spam flag.

1.6 Lawful Use:
Customers are obligated to use Dedicated.ee services for lawful purposes only. If there are uncertainties about the lawfulness of the content, customers are encouraged to contact our support team before placing an order. Additionally, Dedicated.ee may offer "offshore" services with a more relaxed approach to content compliancy, providing customers with an alternative hosting option.

1.7 Service Compliance:
Customers are expected to comply with all relevant terms, conditions, and policies outlined by Dedicated.ee. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in the suspension or termination of services.

1.8 Continuous Improvement:
Dedicated.ee is committed to continuous improvement. We regularly assess and enhance our service offerings, security measures, and support capabilities to provide an exceptional hosting experience for our customers.

1.9 Mining Activities Are Not Allowed:
At Dedicated.ee, we prioritize the integrity and fair usage of our services. Please note that mining activities, including cryptocurrency mining, are strictly prohibited on our hosting platforms. This policy is in place to ensure optimal performance and resource allocation for all users, fostering a positive and secure hosting environment. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines as we strive to provide a reliable and high-performance hosting experience for all our clients. If you have any questions or need further clarification, feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team.

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